Saturday, May 24, 2008


Welcome to my artist blog.
Please stay a while or take a look at my website art gallery at

As this is my first blog, please be patient as I stumble around and find my feet. I really should be working on my paintings but I am fascinated by all this 'blogging' that I hear so much about.

So, while I will try to keep updating this blog, I may be away for several days as I forget about the world out there and disappear into my canvas.


Liezel said...

wow,the site is realy nice,i havnt seen you for a while and curious as to wich painting are you currently working on at mo??when is the one of zebras back home from framing?i miss that one,its one of my faves!!keep up the good work and enjoy!!

Avril Brand said...

Thanks Liezel. The Zebra painting is still at the framer. I am working on the Cashel painting at the moment although I usually have them going in a rotation.