Sunday, August 17, 2008

Face the Cape Buffalo

I am so happy to see that my Cape Buffalo is featured on the Exotic Mammals group.

It sits there, surrounded by some of the world's best works by artists and photographers! Wow!

The photograph to your left is just a small bit of the larger painting done in oils on canvas (24 x 30 inches). If you click on the photograph, you will see better detail.

The full painting of my Cape Buffalo, "Danger in the Dust", can be seen here

Thank you, Exotic Mammals.


Baker Watson said...

Congratulations on that feature. I read the interview post, also. Great job there. I can see why you could spend hours on redbubble. There are some great images there.

Avril Brand said...

Hi Baker

Thanks my friend.. ps.. there is a section for damselflies (photography)... send me a mail if you need more info!

Sandy said...

Congratulations! That Cape Buffalo has such a wise look in his eyes.

Avril Brand said...

Thank you, Sandy!:-)