Monday, September 28, 2009

Art Courses: 2010

The program of 2010 art courses are posted on my website as well as news about student exhibitions, the working studio and art suppliers. So, if you have the time, pop in to take a look. 

There are also special one week painting holiday courses next year - only two for the year - so if you are interested, please book early as the courses fill up very quickly.

I am very happy about the easels and daylight simulation lamps!! Now we can paint away the dark, rainy winter days.

These lamps are absolutely wonderful to work with and each student has his/her own lamp. The painting you see to above is one that I am still working on and hopefully will be finished this year.

With one more six week course to go and a short Christmas Gifts course left this year, I decided to post the 2010 program early as this years courses are almost full.  I had to postpone the six week course to start on the 6th, 7th and 8th of October due to surgery I have to undergo next week. I have just been so busy with very little time to post on my blog and I apologise for the neglect .

But, I am looking forward so much to the next course starting with lots of new exciting ideas for my students to work on! 

The last course was portrait painting and they were brilliant! I am so proud of my students!!!
Their 2009 works will all be displayed during our February "Art is for Everyone" exhibition. Hope you can be there!

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