Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Art Group: June 15

I am bursting with pride at the achievements of my first art group! I would love to show the world the wonderful paintings they did on Sunday, June 15th but as I have not asked them for permission to place their individual photo's yet, I have optimised the group photo's so that it's hard to identify individuals.

We had a wonderful day, lots of sunshine, gorgeous food and my 'infamous' Cape Brandy Tart. Each artist (yes, they are artists now) went home with their own oil painting on canvas, ready to hang as soon as it dries.

As beginners to the world of oil painting and for some, to painting anything since they were children, they are absolutely amazing!

So, congratulations to all of you! May this be the beginning of a wonderful relationship with art and oil painting!

The programme for 2008 can be found on

Hope to see you at that table!

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