Sunday, June 22, 2008

Storm Coming

I decided to add some finishing touches to the painting I started with my art group last week.

Appropriately, the title is "Storm Coming" as we are at the moment being blown away by storm winds raging along the coast of Ireland.

The wind is blowing "'n hond uit 'n bos uit'" as we say in my language which roughly translates to: The wind is blowing the dog out of the bush, which of course makes no sense unless you understand Afrikaans.

Lesson to self: Its impossible to translate certain sayings... but other Safricans will know exactly what I mean.

In which case, should any of you be visiting my humble blog... "Groete van 'n verlangende Kapenaar in Ierland".


April Jarocka. Artist, illustrator, Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland. said...

Hi Avril. Where'd ya find the baby?

Avril Brand said...

He was hiding in my computer! See how relieved he is to be out again!!! ;)

Baker Watson said...

Don't give up on those translations. I think sayings such as the one about the wind are like the poetry of a language and people.

Avril Brand said...

Hi Baker

Oh, thank you so much for your kind words. And you are quite the poet too!

Loving your blog! Ponds are a microcosm of the world - if only we could take the time to see beyond the surface.

Thank you... :)