Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wildlife Direct - Saving Endangered Animals

Today I found an incredible website with blog lists that will keep me reading (and break my heart because there is so much ignorance and cruelty in this world) for a very long time.

Wildlife Direct - Saving Endangered Animals

Its times like this that I wish I am very, very rich person so that I could support each and every one of the special people and organisations who do so much for conservation and the protection of animals. The little bit that I can contribute seems so futile but if one out of a thousand of us cared enough to give what we can, it would make such a difference.

I wish all the wonderful people at Wildlife Direct many successes in saving our beautiful and precious animals and habitats.


Namibnat said...

Great to find that site. Thanks.

Avril Brand said...

Hi namibnat

Wildlife direct is a great site - lots of information and so many wonderful people.

By the way, I LOVE your blog! Great stories that bring back powerful memories of my life in Africa.

GK16 said...

May your wonderful wish come true!
Don't allow cruelty to break your heart. If you do, what will happpen to all these animals? Sorry, just a silly joke. Anyway our earth needs more like you to fight against cruelty.


Avril Brand said...

Hi Gk

Thank you for your good wishes Gk. We don't always realise what we are going to lose if something drastic is not done.