Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oil painting is FUN!

I love teaching people how to enjoy oil painting! This weekend, once again, I realised just how incredibly creative people can be if they just allow themselves to believe in their own abilities!

Every course starts with those feelings of uncertainty... people who have been told or who believe that they cannot paint.

But once they get stuck into those paints, the white canvas loses its mystery and the world opens up.

I don't know what I enjoy most: watching their faces as they become more and more relaxed as the hours pass, the stress and burdens of everyday life recedes and they enter another world;

or the smiling faces when the day is done and they all have their paintings, tired but happy and excited.

Knowing that they have achieved what most of them thought were beyond their talents.

Oh yes, it's the most wonderful feeling in the world and I am honoured and privileged to be a part of that happiness.


Baker Watson said...


Bet they enjoyed those Cape Brandy Tarts, too.

Avril Brand said...

Hi Baker! Oh yes! My special Cape Brandy Tart is the only one of it's kind in Ireland. We (SA women) always have at least one secret ingredient and my recipe was handed to me by my MIL.


Robert Almares said...

I wish I could take a class in oil painting. The last time I've ever worked with any kind of paints was in the sixth grade, and I must say that the paintings I turned out were exceptional. I only wish I had taken more interest in my creative side earlier in life.

Avril Brand said...

Hi Robert

I wish I had your talent for writing!! If you ever visit Ireland, put County Clare on your list of 'must see' places.

I wish I could have you on one of my courses - nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see the enjoyment people get out of painting.

We certainly all have the ability but for many reasons, some of us lose the confidence along the way.

You have a talent for writing, which I greatly admire.

Your blog is very, very interesting!

Rambling Woods said...

My mother has painted most of her life. She recently started taking classes in watercolors which is new and it's brought out another side to her art and she is so pleased..it is such a gift..