Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oil painting art course July 13 - Flowers

Sunday 13 July was another great painting day once again! I am so proud of the group. Wow! Look at those flowers!

We went into a bit of overtime as painting flowers took much longer than I anticipated but I think the results speak for itself.

I introduced the group to the concept of painting on an entirely black canvas as well as how to achieve some lovely special effects using turpenoid, thinners and linseed oil.
Unfortunately, you cannot see the effects as the photo is too small but it is very exciting.

The background was painting entirely from imagination using a few limited colours and each person's painting is unique in style and texture.

Well done!

I received this lovely poem from Tony yesterday (one of the group). Thank you Tony - not only was it a pleasure to have you there on Sunday, your poem is beautiful and I really, really appreciate it.

Within the very depths of you,
Lies a seed.
Created from a void,
From the nothingness that was
Before the dawn of being.
You were before creation
Destined to live in the now.
Preciously you were nurtured
From that void , that nothingness
To maturity.
That maturity which is now,
The present moment of your being.
Sanctify this present time.
The gift is freely given.
Do not reject the gift.


Baker Watson said...

Welcome back - We've been missing you. Looks like the class went well.

Avril Brand said...

Hi there Baker! Great to see you again. I have been out so much and looking forward to catching up with everyone before the next one again.