Saturday, July 5, 2008

Survivors - cheetah cubs

I painted these beautiful cheetah cubs over a period of three months. Very special little creatures with a very special story.

Please see

When I first saw the photograph, I just knew I had to paint it. (Thank you, Wilma, for your kind permission) The expressions on their little faces tells the story.

It is so sad that there is less and less space for these magnificent wild animals. I hope I never see the day when our human greed, ignorance, arrogance and selfishness totally destroys the remaining dots of nature left on this earth.

And only photographs and paintings remain to remind us of what we have done.


kotybear said...

So, sweet!

Welcome to Bloggers! I shall look forward to reading your blog.

Kinsey & Koty

Baker Watson said...

Yes, the eyes. They tell a story all their own.

Even though they are young the wisdom of ages lives in them.

Avril Brand said...

kotybear, thank you. Your photographs are very inspiring - wonderful talent.

Avril Brand said...

Hi Baker

Hope you are doing well and had a wonderful and peaceful July 4.

The eyes, yes. When painting an animal (or human) I always start with the eyes. Truly the mirrors of the soul.

Rose DesRochers said...

Baker commented on what I was thinking. The eyes look so sad.

Avril Brand said...

Hi Rose :)

So happy to see you here and welcome!

The babies had just lost their mother and the eye's (I hope I achieved this) conveys that uncertainty, sadness and terror of not knowing what the future holds.

As humans, I think we can all relate to that expression in some way.

Carol Cooper said...

Thank you for immortalizing their sweet little faces in your beautiful painting!

Avril Brand said...

Hi Carol

Thank you! If I could hope for anything, it would be that these lovely animals touch hearts and minds and makes us all aware of how close we are to losing them forever.

Listed in Appendix 1 CITES, most threatened species.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful painting again.....magnificent creatures....I agree with you completely......

All wildlife deserves a chance....the planet is not for man is for all to share.........

Avril Brand said...

Cheryl, thanks. If only more of us felt that way! Unfortunately, we humans never learn through our mistakes. Which makes me wonder just how clever are we?