Saturday, July 19, 2008

Who Cares-Vol 1-TUSK

Who Cares! The Cost of Ivory.

If you do care and want more information, please visit Born Free


Baker Watson said...

And all for just trinkets. It's hard to believe.

Avril Brand said...

Hi Baker

Yes, trinkets. It's hard to believe that people actually want such stuff.

It's hard to watch a video like that.

GK16 said...

Hi Avril, it is not only trinkets. Most of these people who are killing these poor creatures will not use trinkets. They want to sell those for money. I will not be surprised if they start killing humans to make something and sell.

Anyway thanks for sharing this video. I really appreciate your effort. It's a pity that we don't have many like you.

Avril Brand said...

Hi gk

You are right. The people doing the killing want money. With the money, they also buy weapons to make war on other people. Ivory is being used in the same way as 'blood diamonds'.

See the link to "how the ivory trade funds bloodshed" and "warlords" on my post. Blood diamonds; blood ivory. Only, animals must die for the ivory.

The 'starving poacher' story does not hold anymore. And if people still use the excuse that they have no other choice but to poach - they can choose to get rid of their corrupt leaders who live in luxury and who are the cause of the misery in the first place.

Stacey Huston said...

I can't condone poaching for any reason. I noticed the "starving" poacher comment above, It may be a different story if these people were hunting for food, but as these photos tell the meat was waisted and only the ivories taken. What a horrible waste..

Avril Brand said...

Hi Stacey

Thank you for pointing that out. Absolutely right. People who are starving and want to feed their families would not leave so much meat behind.

And that makes me wonder: the so-called 'starving poacher' supposedly gets paid very little for the tusks. So leaving all that meat to rot means that he is not that hungry after all; he is paid enough to buy food rather than take what he killed.

Sandy said...

Things like this just break my heart. I can't stand the greed. Such beauty and majesty going into extinction just because of man's greed.

Avril Brand said...

Hi Sandy

That is very true, Sandy. We will all one reap the results of this greed. Thank you for visiting and especially your compassion for these poor animals.