Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kilkee Storm, George's Head, County Clare

I am really in the mood for seascapes! So, here's another Kilkee painting!

I used an old photograph I took several years ago. Of course, it was a lovely serene, calm sea but I was in the mood for big waves.

So, here is my Kilkee Storm, George's Head, with big waves from my imagination.

I hope you like it!

Now, I want a Kilkee sunset as well as a view from the cliffs and maybe, if I am still in a 'Kilkee' mood, a rock pool. Oh I love it when I am overcome by a 'painting frenzy'.

The only problem is, I forget to eat and only stop when my body aches.

Occupational hazard???

To work!!!

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