Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wildlife Direct - Saving Endangered Animals

Today I found an incredible website with blog lists that will keep me reading (and break my heart because there is so much ignorance and cruelty in this world) for a very long time.

Wildlife Direct - Saving Endangered Animals

Its times like this that I wish I am very, very rich person so that I could support each and every one of the special people and organisations who do so much for conservation and the protection of animals. The little bit that I can contribute seems so futile but if one out of a thousand of us cared enough to give what we can, it would make such a difference.

I wish all the wonderful people at Wildlife Direct many successes in saving our beautiful and precious animals and habitats.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sea Pinks!

Sea Pinks!!!

My thanks to Maureen Glynn of Kilkee who wrote to tell me the name of these beautiful flowers.

Maureen teaches basic drawing and watercolours in Kilkee from October to May.

Some time ago, I went out to Kilbaha and the sea pinks were blooming all along the coast. Big pink bushes and rows of pink along the coast - these flowers are gorgeous.

I love summertime in Ireland!

So, thank you Maureen! Much appreciated and I hope to see your watercolours soon!

Storm Coming

I decided to add some finishing touches to the painting I started with my art group last week.

Appropriately, the title is "Storm Coming" as we are at the moment being blown away by storm winds raging along the coast of Ireland.

The wind is blowing "'n hond uit 'n bos uit'" as we say in my language which roughly translates to: The wind is blowing the dog out of the bush, which of course makes no sense unless you understand Afrikaans.

Lesson to self: Its impossible to translate certain sayings... but other Safricans will know exactly what I mean.

In which case, should any of you be visiting my humble blog... "Groete van 'n verlangende Kapenaar in Ierland".

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cliffs of Kilkee

Another Kilkee painting! This is the view from the cliff walk looking out over George's Head.

If anyone knows the name of the small pink flowers that only grow along the coast, please let me know.

These flowers were the favourite of one of the most wonderful people I ever had the honour to know - my dear, departed friend, Hannah.

Whenever I see these beautiful pink flowers, I think of Hannah, as delicate and pretty as the flowers that grow along the coast of Clare.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Art Group: June 15

I am bursting with pride at the achievements of my first art group! I would love to show the world the wonderful paintings they did on Sunday, June 15th but as I have not asked them for permission to place their individual photo's yet, I have optimised the group photo's so that it's hard to identify individuals.

We had a wonderful day, lots of sunshine, gorgeous food and my 'infamous' Cape Brandy Tart. Each artist (yes, they are artists now) went home with their own oil painting on canvas, ready to hang as soon as it dries.

As beginners to the world of oil painting and for some, to painting anything since they were children, they are absolutely amazing!

So, congratulations to all of you! May this be the beginning of a wonderful relationship with art and oil painting!

The programme for 2008 can be found on http://courses.clareartist.com

Hope to see you at that table!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kilkee Storm, George's Head, County Clare

I am really in the mood for seascapes! So, here's another Kilkee painting!

I used an old photograph I took several years ago. Of course, it was a lovely serene, calm sea but I was in the mood for big waves.

So, here is my Kilkee Storm, George's Head, with big waves from my imagination.

I hope you like it!

Now, I want a Kilkee sunset as well as a view from the cliffs and maybe, if I am still in a 'Kilkee' mood, a rock pool. Oh I love it when I am overcome by a 'painting frenzy'.

The only problem is, I forget to eat and only stop when my body aches.

Occupational hazard???

To work!!!