Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oils on canvas

The Kilrush Art Group meets every Friday evening at the community hall but on Friday 16 October the hall was being used for another function so our group made our way to the Life Boat Station in Cappa.

I wish I had my camera but as usual, its never with me for the most spectacular natural scenes. Purples, pinks, bright yellow and gorgeous blues greeted us as we arrived at the station. The water was like glass and Scattery Island a silhouette in the distance. The ancient round tower with only a part of the church ruins I have seen so many times!

So, today (Saturday) after an art class, I painted the scene from memory! I wish I had a photograph but sometimes memory is even more vivid!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Bluebell Heaven" - oil painting

Oil on canvas (commissioned) A larger image can be seen on my gallery.  

This very special painting was commissioned by my dear friend, Bridget. She saw my first bluebell painting and wanted one of her own to commemorate her beloved father and husband. She kindly gave me permission to write the story of this painting.  

She lost her father to cancer several years ago and her husband was tragically killed in a road accident only a few weeks ago. She trusted me to paint a scene of the two of them walking in bluebell fields.  

I remembered the story of the Pilgrim's Progress from years ago and adapted the story to depict them on their way to the 'light' (Heaven). Her father stands on the road waiting for Peter to catch up to him before they move off together into the distant light.  

The road is not easy and there are dangerous points to cross before they reach the beautiful bluebell fields in the distance. In the left hand corner sits Sparky, Peter's beloved little dog. She is very old but not yet ready to take the road, so she waits till her time comes to cross over the river and join her master.  

It was such an honour for me to paint this picture for you, Bridget and every brushstroke was made with all my love.  

May the blessings of light be upon you, 
Light without and light within, 
And in all your comings and goings, 
May you ever have a kindly greeting 
From them you meet along the road.  

May the road rise to meet you. 
May the wind be always at your back. 
May the sun shine warm upon your face. 
May the rains fall soft upon your fields. 
And until we meet again, 
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.