Monday, November 10, 2008

Irish Countryside - Oil Painting

Oils on canvas (27.5×19.5 inches)

Autumn in Ireland… and the colours are beautiful. This is a peaceful scene depicting the Irish countryside.

However, there is always something about to happen in nature – if we just wait long enough!

As usual, I love to weave a little story into a painting!

Thank you to Maria Murphy for allowing me to use her lovely photo as reference for this painting!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Portrait of Anna - oil painting

Oils on canvas (40 x 40cm)

And what a pleasure it was to paint this sweet little girl from the USA with her lovely eyes!!! We can all remember when a child has looked up as us so innocently and our hearts melt!

Nancy says: Her name is Anna, and when she’s tired or in a mellow mood, and when I call her by her name, “Anna!” She answers back to me saying, “Mama, I not Anna, I your precious girl!” “I your love.”

If you wish to commission an oil painting of that special person in your life, please contact me from my website's contact page or send an email.

Monday, November 3, 2008

"Boys just want to have fun" - Oil Painting

Oils on canvas (50×70 cm)

I had lots of fun painting this scene of three brothers hard at work on the beach…

One little fellow is trying hard to remove clay and sand from the hole they dug but ends up dropping half his spadeful back into the water…

Another little brother huffs and puffs his way up to the pool but his bucket is always half full by the time he reaches it…

And the oldest brother… well, judging from the grin, he must be the ‘supervisor’...

This painting was done at request from Lisa (New Zealand) and the three brothers are her little sons. I used different photographs and with different poses to make up a story for this painting!! I hope you enjoy the painting, Lisa!!!